These are the best cocktail bars in the Nordics

These are the best cocktail bars in the Nordics

Better late than never, here are the results from the 2020 edition of Bartenders’ Choice Awards. Being part of this jury, I think it’s more important than ever to support the industry.

Because of the current situation, all Bartenders’ Choice Awards winners were announced during a live-streamed gala, and it’s available here. Congratulations to everyone, and fingers crossed for a better 2021 – hope to see you all soon!

Best cocktail bar: A Bar Called Gemma, Stockholm
Best bartender: Hampus Thunholm
Best cocktail menu: Häktet Vänster, Stockholm
Best signature cocktail: Thai Basil, Asian Post Office, Stockholm
Improver of the bar industry: Stockholms Bränneri

Best cocktail bar: Pier 42, Oslo
Best bartender: Slavomir Kytka
Best cocktail menu: Britannia Bar, Trondheim
Best signature cocktail: Claro Colada, Raus, Trondheim
Improver of the bar industry: Yunuz Yildiz

Best cocktail bar: Gensyn, Copenhagen
Best bartender: Harry Bell
Best cocktail menu: Nimb, Copenhagen
Best signature cocktail: Made In China, Puss Puss, Copenhagen
Improver of the bar industry: Fanny Wandel

Best cocktail bar: Chihuahua Julep, Helsinki
Best bartender: Tony Klärck
Best cocktail menu: Delorean, Jyväskylä
Best signature cocktail: Opinion Colada, RØD, Helsinki
Improver of the bar industry: Maurico Allende

Best cocktail bar: Jungle Cocktail Bar, Reykjavík
Best bartender: Bjartyr Daly
Best cocktail menu: Matbar, Reykjavík
Best signature cocktail: Block Rockin’ Beets, Jungle Cocktail Bar, Reykjavík
Improver of the bar industry: Friðbjörn Pálsson


Best product: Empirical Spirits
Best publication: Difford’s Guide
Best social media account: Cocktails For You

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