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The world’s first gin aged in juniper wood casks

The world’s northernmost gin distillery Hernö brenneri can be found just outside of the small Swedish city Härnösand, approximately 425 km north of Stockholm. During their short existance, they’ve managed to cause quite a stir with their handcrafted and organic gins Swedish Excellence and Navy Strength – and now they’re at it again.

Today sees the Swedish launch of the unique Hernö Juniper Cask Gin, the world’s first gin aged for 30 days in 40 liter juniper wood barrels. A very limited number of 500 ml bottles (47% abv) are now available to pre-order through Systembolaget‘s special order section, with a delivery date in mid September. Before that, it will also be launched in London.

According to the distillery, the gin is an “intense, compelling and engaging gin with prominent aroma of juniper and lemon followed by a refreshing and distinctive juniper taste and a citrusy aftertaste”.

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