The Glenlivet Guardians Single Cask tasting

Guardians Single Cask to the right

A few days ago, I was invited to Lydmar Hotel for an exclusive tasting of The Glenlivet Guardians Single Cask, a forthcoming 18-year old sherry cask matured Scotch single malt whisky, 55,7 % abv, limited to 631 bottles – of which most will be offered to the members of The Glenlivet Guardians – since a few chosen members personally picked the cask. Some bottles will be available from May 2 at Systembolaget in Sweden and also at The Whisky Exchange.

Joel Katzenstein

The tasting started with a presentation by Joel Katzenstein about the latest whisky trends, and apparently the average price people in Sweden pay for a bottle of single malt whisky is 396 SEK, which is quite low for premium spirits in my opinion. Whisky is still gaining popularity, and The Glenlivet Guardians have increased their number of Swedish members with 67% during the last six months – not bad!

Another topic was food pairing, and Joel surprised everybody (I think) by serving an oyster topped with pineapple granita together with the The Glenlivet 12 yo. The combination hadn’t occurred to me, but it actually worked very well.

Next up was two different bottlings of The Glenlivet Nàdurra, which both had lots of flavours and a nice, mild afterburn. But it was of course the Guardians Single Cask everybody was waiting for, and once served it didn’t disappoint.

Whisky and oysters – a winning combination

The nose was quite sweet, nutty and fruity, complex but perfectly balanced. Upon tasting, the first thing that came to mind was spices including a hint of vanilla and exotic fruit, and afterwards a deep, dry and spicy long finish with pleasant oakiness. Adding some drops of water did not improve the experience.

I have to admit that I’m definitely not an expert on Scotch whisky, but at least I can tell that the Glenlivet Guardians did a very good job with the cask selection. However, because of the limited number of bottles available the price is quite steep – 1699 SEK in Sweden – and it would be a waste of money for a novice like me. I’m sure the bottles will sell very quickly, though.

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