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TEST PILOT, Trader MagnusThis is a nice “tropical” cocktail with lots of rum flavor – I’m gonna share two recipes, first up is the one I made this evening:

¾ cl lemon juice
¾ cl falernum (I used home made)
¾ cl cointreau
2¼ cl light Puerto Rican rum (I used El Dorado)
5¼ cl dark Jamaican rum (I used Myers’s)
Shake with ice cubes. Pour into a 10-ounce glass.

The second one, which I’ve made a couple of times before, is from Beachbum Berry’s GROG LOG and is credited to Don the Beachcomber, circa 1941:

1½ cl lime juice
1½ cl falernum
1½ cl cointreau
1 dash Angostura bitters
1/8 teaspoon Pernod
2¼ cl light Puerto Rican rum
4½ cl dark Jamaican rum
Blend with 1 cup crushed ice for 5 seconds, then pour into double old-fashioned glass. Add more crushed ice to fill. Garnish with a wooden oyster fork with maraschino cherry on prongs.
The latter one is a bit easier on the booze, and also includes Don the Beachcomber’s signature Pernod trick. I really can’t decide which version I prefer…

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