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Last week, I found a copy of the very rare Swedish book COCKTAILS, written by Elsa af Trolle and published in 1927. Most of the cocktails can be found in other books, but when I browsed through the recipes I was intrigued by SOUTHERN CROSS. Of all the other books in my collection, I could only find it in William Schmidt’s 1891 THE FLOWING BOWL. An online search resulted in one or two recent and bastardized versions. So, here’s William Schmidt’s recipe:
The juice of 1 lime (I used 3 cl) The swedish recipe calls for lemon
a dash of mineral water (I used ¾ cl) The swedish recipe calls for soda water
a spoonful of sugar (I used 1½ cl) The swedish recipe calls for a tablespoon
2/3 of St. Croix rum (I used 4 cl Mount Gay Eclipse, since I’m out of Cruzan)
1/3 of brandy (I used 2 cl St-Rémy VSOP) The swedish recipe calls for cognac
1 dash of curacao (I used ¾ cl Senior Curacao of Curacao)

Stir this well, fill your glass with fine ice, stir again and strain into a sour glass. The Swedish recipe suggests shaking the ingredients and strain into a glass with some ice cubes.

Well, it certainly has got potential, but it’s way too sweet. I think my mistake was to trust the Swedish recipe regarding the tablespoon of sugar – the ‘spoonful’ in Schmidt’s recipe might as well mean teaspoon or barspoon… back to the bar!



  1. Very interesting post and cocktail, would like to feature ut on my blog too sometimes! Also the picture is very nice.

  2. Thanks, it was a lot better with less sugar. I might tweak the measures a bit more, though – and the water seems a bit unnecessary. A nice and simple cocktail.

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