Seminars in the Stockholm archipelago

A few weeks ago I met my Copenhagen friends Kasper and Thomas (Salon 39/Brass Monkey) for lunch in Stockholm to discuss a very interesting collaboration (more about that later), and afterwards they invited me to join them for the final two seminars at a Diageo conference. After a cab ride through the heavy traffic of central Stockholm, we finally arrived at The Club House in the beautiful Nacka Strand archipelago.

Seminars in the Stockholm archipelago, Trader Magnus
Alex Kratena and Robert Radovic

First up was Alex Kratena (Artesian Bar/The Langham, London) and Robert Radovic (The Gold Bar/Nobis Hotel), who held a very entertaining seminar on hotel bars, with focus on London – history, pros and cons, career tips etc – in short, stuff which would be useful if you’re aiming for work in a hotel bar. The seminar ended with two nice surprises – Alex had brought some of his home made 52 % abv apricot eau de vie for us to taste, and it was very nice with a prominent apricot aroma and a strong, pleasant afterburn. Alex also demonstrated how he makes Artesian’s signature Smoked Bloody Mary, and thankfully it was served to the audience as well – a delicious, spicy and smoky, concoction presented in a creative way with pickles and oyster leaves on the side. I could use one right now…

Seminars in the Stockholm archipelago, Trader Magnus
Jörg Meyer

Last but not least was the charismatic Jörg Meyer (Le Lion, Hamburg), who was invited to talk about the current international cocktail trends. For me, who try to keep myself updated on what’s going on regarding cocktails, spirits, bars etc around the world on a daily basis, it was mostly nothing new under the sun. However, I really enjoyed the stories about his trip to Russia with the Diageo Bar Academy – please visit his video blog A lion in Russia and you’ll understand…

In conclusion – an interesting afternoon with insightful seminars and tasty drinks in a picturesque surrounding – thanks to everbody involved for the opportunity to attend.

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