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Sean Ware doing his thing in Stockholm

Thanks to St Germain and Renbjer Magnusson, Sean Ware from Callooh Callay visited Kåken in Stockholm on August 13th. During the day there was a workshop where he expressed his views on cocktail menu design, as well as showed some interesting cocktails and techniques. Later in the evening he did a special guest bartender appearance, also at Kåken, with his own menu of six cocktails based on St Germain. One of my favourites was Dram & Bass which consisted of St Germain, Wray & Nephew, pineapple, fennel seeds, rosemary, simple syrup and lime juice. Another great drink was Queen Victoria’s Daisy with bergamot-infused Bombay Sapphire Gin, Martini Rosso, St Germain, raspberries and egg white. After having tried all cocktails on the list, I was very happy – and the party continued elsewhere together with Sean and some other bartenders and spirits industry people. A big thanks to everyone involved for a great initiative!

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