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Quick review – Upsala Tonic syrup

Quick review – Upsala Tonic syrup
Gin & Tonic

Tonic concentrates are of course nothing new, but they haven’t really been a thing in Sweden until recently when a few local ones appeared on the market as well as some imported ones. I decided to try them all.

First up, Upsala Tonic – made in Uppsala, not even an hour north of Stockholm, by three pharmacists fed up with the quality of the available tonics. According to themselves it’s a “locally produced and hand made tonic of premium quality” and who am I to disagree?

The syrup comes in a beautiful 200 ml bottle, and their recommendation is to mix 1 part syrup to 6-8 parts well carbonated club soda.

On itself, it’s a well balanced, not too sweet or bitter (well, I like bitter stuff so I’m always up for a challenge), concoction with a nice complexity of herbs and citrus, and lengthened with soda water it makes for a dry, really elegant and refreshing beverage. However, with gin added this syrup really shines.

Gin & Tonic
60 ml Beefeater Gin
15 ml Upsala Tonic
90 ml Club Soda

Store the gin in the freezer and pour directly into a glass with one large ice cube, add the Upsala Tonic and stir before adding chilled club soda. Stir again gently and garnish with a lemon zest.

The Upsala Tonic magically elevates and embraces the botanicals of the gin, and the subtle bitterness of the cinchona bark is an almost perfect finishing touch. Maybe I’m picky and/or immune to bitter flavours after having tortured my tastebuds too much over the years, but I actually wouldn’t mind if they leveled up on the quinine just a little bit. Nevertheless, I’d still use Upsala Tonic over most commercially available tonic waters on the market, and I’m truthfully impressed. Well done!

The syrup may of course be used in other ways, so please visit their website for more ideas and suggestions.

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