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Quick review: Swedish Tonic concentrate

Quick review: Swedish Tonic concentrate

Another new tonic syrup on the Swedish market is Swedish Tonic, and just like Upsala Tonic it’s made in Uppsala. The founders were both enthusiasts exploring Stockholm’s cocktail scene, disappointed with the commercially available tonic waters and wanted to create a new, high quality and versatile cocktail product inspired by the original tonics from the 19th century. The result is a cloudy, brownish and complex elixir with a thicker mouthfeel and less citrusy character than its competition. Truly hardcore stuff that you really need to be careful with so it doesn’t overpower the drink.

Gin & Tonic
60 ml Tanqueray Gin
15 ml Swedish Tonic
90 ml Club Soda

Store the gin in the freezer and pour directly into a glass with one large ice cube, add the Swedish Tonic and stir before adding chilled club soda. Stir again gently and garnish with a lemon zest.

To me, this is almost Gin & Tonic perfection when using a tonic syrup – the bitterness from the cinchona bark is prominent and the complexity of the botanicals mix very well with the gin without taking over too much, and I think the winning concept is that the acidity is kept to a minimum. However, this is still very different from a Gin & Tonic using ready-made tonic water, and I really think it should be considered being a category on its own. If you wanna try the syrup in other drinks, recipe suggestions are availabe here.

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