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Quick review: Mott’s Clamato

Quick review: Mott’s Clamato, Trader Magnus

I fell in love with the Caesar during one of my visits to Toronto – especially the one they make at Rock Lobster Food Co. which comes with a whole lobster tail – but have been looking for the crucial ingredient Clamato here in Stockholm without any luck. Now it’s finally been made available by Barkonsult in perfectly sized 163 ml cans. So, what’s Clamato? Well, basically you could call it some kind of ready-made Bloody Mary mix, as it contains tomato juice, onion, celery and spices – but what makes it unique is the addition of clam juice, hence the name.

Nose: Not much really, only a rather vague aroma of tomato. Mouth: The tomato sweetness dominates, with a nice, yet quite subtle, salty and savoury kick from the clam juice and spices as a close second.

Instead of making the original, vodka-based Caesar, I decided to try something a little more flavourful:

Quick review: Mott’s Clamato, Trader Magnus

Fiesta Caesar
45 ml tequila
6 dashes hot sauce (Crystal extra hot)
Juice of one lemon wedge, squeezed
1 can Mott’s Clamato

Rim glass with lemon and coarse sea salt. Fill glass with ice, add all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a spicy pickled green bean (or peperoncini).

This is a perfect variation of the Bloody Mary/Caesar, as the grassy, earthy character of the tequila, the savoury notes of the Clamato and the spicy hot sauce work very well together.

Mott’s Clamato is a nice and tasty drink/mixer, and it’s convenient to have a few cans in the pantry but probably not something you use every day – and I think it would be quite easy to make something similar, maybe even superior, in a bar or at home.

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