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Nikka Perfect Serve 2013 competition in Stockholm

On August 29 there were actually two cocktail competitions in Stockholm – in addition to Auchentoshan Switch, eight of Stockholm’s best bartenders competed against each other at the Swedish finals of Nikka Perfect Serve 2013 at Tweed.

Nikka Perfect Serve 2013 competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Stanislav Vadrna, photo © Symposion

The day started with the interactive workshop on non-verbal communication “Bar room body language: reading theirs and using yours” by Nikka Whisky brand ambassador Stanislav Vadrna, where the bartenders learned how to anticipate their guests’ needs while improving their own charisma.

The actual competition was a role-playing game where the judges acted as guests in the contestants’ bar, who had 15 minutes to improvise according to the customers’ (a whisky connoisseur from London, a travelling Swede open to suggestions and a cocktail book author asking for the signature drink) requests – i.e. to serve the right cocktail or best whisky for each person and explain why.

Nikka Perfect Serve 2013 competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
The winner Nicolas Truedsson in action, photo © Symposion

After a long day, the jury came to the decision that Nicolas Truedsson from Hornhuset was the winner for his “excellent service skills, creativity, well balanced cocktails, Nikka Whisky knowledge and an extraordinary overall experience” – congratulations! He will represent Sweden in the European finals on November 18, with the chance to win a trip to Tokyo and the Nikka distilleries.

Here are Nicolas Truedsson’s winning cocktail recipes – enjoy!

Eastern Promises (signature drink)
40 ml NIKKA From the Barrel 51,4%
20 ml lime juice
20 ml grapefruit juice
10 ml Falernum
10 ml simple syrup
Fresh cilantro

The Improve (improvisation cocktail)
40 ml NIKKA From the Barrel 51,4%
20 ml Cynar
Fresh mint
2 dashes Orange Bitters

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