New bar openings in Stockholm – Köttbaren and Miss Voon

Kingston Swizzle at Köttbaren

Some new and interesting bars have opened in Stockholm the last few weeks, and two of them are Köttbaren (Tegnérgatan 32) and Miss Voon (Sturegatan 22). Both of them are run by Grupp F12 and also serve food, and from what I’ve heard it’s top notch – but since I’m all about the booze this post will focus on the cocktails.

Köttbaren is a delikatessen by day and restaurant and bar by night – everything centered around meat. Bar manager Johan Evers has developed a cocktail list with bourbon and rye as the base spirits, which probably works wonderfully together with the food. One of my favourites is Five 2-1 with rye, benedictine, french vermouth, orgeat and grape. Another hit on the list is Kingston Swizzle which contains bourbon, apple, vanilla, ginger, lime and bitters. You can’t go wrong with Envyation either, containing bourbon, yellow chartreuse, triple sec, lemon and bitters.
Tea Please at Miss Voon
Miss Voon is a modern hotel restaurant and bar which combines european cuisine with asian influences. The cocktail list  is full of asian ingredients as umeshu, shochu and shiso leaves. I can personally recommend Tea Please with gin, chamomile sugar and lemon, and also Shinekicker which combines Japanese whisky, lemon, liquorice sugar and aromatic bitters. Another great cocktail is Golden Gate containing rum, sake, lime and vanilla sugar.
I visited both bars during their opening week, and I’m sure everything will be even better in the near future – but so far I’m impressed and would recommend them to anyone into craft cocktails.

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