Little Quarter Cocktails 2012

The bartenders at award-winning Stockholm bar Little Quarter have released their first cocktail book, containing recipes for every single cocktail featured on their menu during last year. At the moment it’s only available in 30 numbered copies, handed out to friends and patrons – and I’m lucky enough to be one of them!

The book contains some classic cocktails, but most of the recipes are their own creations. I’m going to share the drinks I enjoyed during my visit yesterday – cheers!
Little Quarter Cocktails 2012, Trader Magnus
Applejack Crusta
Applejack Crusta
6 cl Applejack
1 cl Cointreau
2 cl lemon juice
1 cl sugar
dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
Shake, strain into small wine glass, garnish with a big lemon twist and sugar rim.
Little Quarter Cocktails 2012, Trader Magnus
Bolo #2
Bolo #2
7 cl dark rum
2 cl lime juice
1 cl orange cordial
Shake as hell, strain into coupette.
Little Quarter Cocktails 2012, Trader Magnus
Lillet Quarter

Lillet Quarter
10 cl House Aperitif
4-5 dashes House Bitters
Build in an old fashioned-glass with ice, garnish with a lemon twist.
House Aperitif: 50 cl Lillet Blanc, 20 cl scotch whisky
House Bitters: 1/3 Angostura Bitters, 1/3 Peychaud’s Bitters, 1/3 sugar

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