Dutch Kills bartender guest shift in Stockholm

Dutch Kills in Long Island City, New York, is considered to be one of the best cocktail bars in the world. Since the opening three years ago, Richard Boccato and company have set the standards, with the signature Sasha Petraske atmosphere and craft cocktails, as well as an impressive ice program which continues to inspire bars around the globe – and has resulted in the offshoot company Hundredweight. When I was in NYC for Manhattan Cocktail Classic, I attended a seminar which took me behind the scenes at 27-24 Jackson Avenue, and it was very inspirational to see the love and hard work they put into the craft to make their guests happy.

Dutch Kills bartender guest shift in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Richard Boccato and Abraham Griffith Hawkins at Dutch Kills, May 2012

Unfortunately, Dutch Kills is not exactly around the corner from Stockholm – that’s why I was very happy to hear that one of their bartenders, Abraham Griffith Hawkins, had been invited to do a guest shift at award winning Little Quarter here in Stockholm. Of course, the bars are very different from each other – and both have a special place in my heart – which means that even if I’m fully satisfied with the resident bartenders at Little Quarter, it’s nice with something different once in a while.

Dutch Kills bartender guest shift in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Abraham Griffith Hawkins at Little Quarter, September 2012

I had hoped to try some of Abraham’s signature cocktails, but unfortunately a number of needed ingredients were nowhere to be found. Instead, I ordered some classic cocktails during the evening which he executed with perfection – Pegu Club, Rattlesnake, Harvest Sour, Ward 8… the list goes on. I also managed to convince the other bartender Björn Kjellberg to make me a Ramos Tequila Fizz – a very nice variation suggested to me earlier the same day. In conclusion, a great evening and an honourable initiative by everybody involved – fingers crossed there will be more of these guest appearances in Stockholm in the future.

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