Dan Priseman in Stockholm

Three weeks ago, Dan Priseman (brand ambassador for Four Roses Bourbon and author of Bitters & Twisted) visited Stockholm for a bourbon workshop at Marie Laveau and guest bartending shift at Kåken.

Dan Priseman in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Dan Priseman serving an Old Fashioned

Unfortunately, I was busy elsewhere during the workshop, but I met up with him afterwards at Svartengrens for a few cocktails. Together with a mutual acquaintance, we also managed to get ourselves some bourbon drinks at Köttbaren before it was time for his gig at Kåken.

The evening’s special cocktail menu was of course based on Four Roses, and among other things I managed to get a really nice Old Fashioned – which I believe Dan originally made for himself before I claimed it – sorry about that…

Anyway, he didn’t have to make too many drinks during the evening, since the regular bartenders at Kåken kindly helped him out. Instead, he took on the role as host, making conversation and promoting good bourbon. For me that was even better, even though he told me some details about the workshop which made me regret that I didn’t try harder to be able to attend. Oh well… Dan, hope to see you here in Stockholm again soon, and let’s do a proper bar crawl!

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