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Cocktail competitions I’m looking forward to… sort of

Normally, I don’t enter cocktail competitions – most of the times it’s of course because of the fact that brands/organizers only invite professional bartenders and not amateurs like myself. However, a while ago I contributed some recipes to a Beefeater competition and one of them actually made it to the final ten.

So, now I think it’s time again for some more creative challenges… and tomorrow I will make the final tweaks on my recipes for a local Campari cocktail competition, it’s a great product to work with and I’m quite happy with my experiments so far.

Cocktail competitions I’m looking forward to… sort of, Trader Magnus

Recently, I was also invited to participate in Chartreuse Cocktail Challenge Sweden, and as this herbal liqueur, also known as “bartenders’ ketchup”, is another favourite I’m really looking forward to see what I can come up with. The deadline for submitting a recipe is a month from now, and by then I hope that my experiments have resulted in some great cocktails – but at least I’ll definitely have had lots of fun while trying. Not that I think I need to worry, but apparently the ten people with the best recipes will compete against each other in front of a jury at Hotel Reisen on October 22. This sounds very scary to me since I’m not used to being behind the bar and the center of attention, but if it’s how I will find out the answer to the question “Have you got what it takes?” – so be it!

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