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CLOVER CLUB (Drinkar för fest och vardag, Knutte Sundin, 1947)
Fill a shaker half way with clear ice cubes.
The white of an egg
5 cl gin
One teaspoon sweet red cordial (for example cherry or raspberry)
Shake well, serve in champagne glass.

CLOVER CLUB (Cocktails recept, Uno Karlholm & Gösta Svensson, 1936)
Fill the cocktail shaker approximately half way with broken ice, and put in:
The juice of 1/4 lemon
The white of 1 egg
5 cl gin
2 teaspoons grenadine or raspberry cordial
Shake very well. Serve in champagne- or aroma glass.

CLOVER CLUB COCKTAIL (Two hundred selected drinks, Knut W. Sundin, 1934)
Fill the shaker half full of broken ice and add:
The white of a fresh egg
The juice of a small fresh lime or of a lemon
One teaspoon of grenadine syrup
2/3 of dry gin
1/3 of dry vermouth
Shake well and strain into a wine glass.

CLOVER CLUB COCKTAIL (Trader Vic’s Bartender’s Guide)
1½ oz gin
4 dashes grenadine
Juice of 1/2 lime or lemon
1 egg white
Shake with ice cubes. Strain into chilled double cocktail glass.

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