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Calvados & Tonic

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates – I have been travelling a lot lately and haven’t had the time to write anything. Don’t worry, though, there will be some posts about my adventures at Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Cocktails Spirits, London and Portugal.

So far this summer, I have had so many Gin & Tonics that I’ve lost count of them – especially in Portugal where they seem to be equally crazy about them as in Spain. Anyway, to try something same same but different, I actually decided to follow a press release suggestion – to have a Calvados & Tonic.

On its own, Boulard Calvados Grand Solage is a nice and smooth calvados with prominent notes of apples, vanilla and oak which of course fade upon chilling it, but it works very well both as an avec and in mixed drinks. The company suggests using Schweppes tonic, but I had a bottle of Q Tonic waiting for me in the fridge, since I really wanted to try it again after the very disappointing Gin & Tonic blind taste a while ago.

I’m sorry to say that Q Tonic is not for me, I don’t think it has complemented any of the base spirits I’ve mixed it with. Nevertheless, the C&T (50 ml calvados, 150 ml tonic) was still refreshing and just what I needed this warm and sunny afternoon – and with a better tonic I think we might have a winner!

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