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Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition in Stockholm

On October 12, a selected few bartenders from Sweden and Denmark were invited to Old Beefeater Inn in Stockholm to battle for a spot in the global finals of Beefeater MIXLDN in London on January 13-15 next year. I had been asked to be part of the jury together with Jakob Sundin (Bartenders’ Choice Awards/Purfict) and Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge (global brand ambassador Beefeater Gin) which of course was a great honour and lots of fun.

Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus

Emmy Häggkvist (Milles)
Jens Dahlberg (Kommendören)
Linus O’Reilly (Nosh and Chow)
Mattias Borg (Marie Laveau)
Martin Juhrén (Kåken)
Maximiliam Karsbrink (Kåken)
Sara Garsten (Lokal)
Sean Eden (Tures)
Viktor Eriksson (Taverna Brillo)
Vilma Pettersson (Linje tio)

Christopher Sand Nielsen (Madam Chu’s)
Casper Hansson (Goma)
Rasmus Paulin (?)

Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Vilma Pettersson, Linje tio
Photo: Julia Dansarie

All contestants prepared one drink for each jury member, and it was up to us to judge them on apperance and taste/balance – and we also interviewed each bartender about the concept – how the cocktail was inspired by London. Of course taste and balance was most important but also with lots of emphasis on the London connection.

I’d have to say that there were both highs and lows among the contributions, but all in all the level of craftmanship behind the drinks was pretty impressive. When we summarized our score cards we noticed that the top two Swedish bartenders were both girls – which is always nice in this otherwise male-dominated profession. So, the Swedish winner of this qualifying round was Vilma Pettersson from Linje tio in Stockholm, with her cocktail Ball & Biscuit. Here’s how to make it:

Ball & Biscuit
50 ml Beefeater
10 ml Blanche de Normandie
15 ml Apple shrub (apple, sugar, vinegar)
10 ml simple syrup
15 ml lemon juice
40 ml tonic water

Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Christopher Sand Nielsen, Madam Chu’s
Photo: Julia Dansarie

The Danish winner was Christopher Sand Nielsen from Madam Chu’s in Copenhagen, who’ll together with Vilma will be in London between January 13-15 and fight for the global champion title. Congratulations and good luck to both of you! Here’s how to make Christopher’s cocktail:

Corpse Reviver #Chu’s
50ml Beefeater 24
25 ml lemon juice
15 ml kumquat syrup
1 barspoon lemon curd
15 ml egg white
1 dash absinthe
1 dash sparkling wine

Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Jakob Sundin, Vilma Pettersson, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge,
Christopher Sand Nielsen, Magnus Sundström. Photo: Julia Dansarie

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