Bar Nombre and Mons Bar & Brasserie – Stockholm bar news

Bar Nombre and Mons Bar & Brasserie – Stockholm bar news, Trader Magnus
Boston Sidecar @ Bar Nombre

Bar Nombre is a new restaurant and bar, which the owners want to resemble a lively cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain. They’re specialized in cava and brandy, and they also have a number of brandy based cocktails.

The bar is accessed directly from the street, the interiors are dark red and the living candles adds to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the music is bland and somewhat to loud…

A chalkboard on the wall suggests a few evening specials, and the printed cocktail menu lists a number of untitled brandy based cocktails. I decided to try the Boston Sidecar, and it was OK but nothing special.

I would say that the bar is suitable for an aperitif if you’re having dinner downstairs, but it’s not an essential destination for the cocktail aficionado.

Mons Bar & Brasserie, formerly know as The Midtown Bar, is connected to Hotel Stureplan and opened last week with a temporary cocktail menu which will be revised and extended in the near future, according to bar manager Oskar Warne.

The layout of the bar is a bit strange, as you enter from the street into a small room with the bar to the right and a spiral staircase to the left which takes you upstairs to a more secluded place. Further inside is another quite narrow room with some tables, which also serves as passageway to the brasserie. The atmosphere is good though, with soft old-school jazz music and a nice mix of pre-dinner and hotel guests as well as walk-ins.

Bar Nombre and Mons Bar & Brasserie – Stockholm bar news, Trader Magnus
The D-day Ration @ Mons Bar & Brasserie

Anyway, back to the cocktails! Most of the temporary menu consists of different sours – I love sours – but I hope and think that the revised menu will be a little bit more diverse. My friends and I tried a few of the libations on the chalkboard, and all of them were well executed, albeit a bit on the sweet side. That said, I think Mons Bar & Brasserie will become a nice addition to the area once they have everything figured out.

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