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Auchentoshan Switch cocktail competition in Stockholm

Auchentoshan Switch cocktail competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Madeleine Rapp, photo ©

On September 21, ten of the most talented local bartenders were invited to Linje tio for this year’s Auchentoshan Switch cocktail competition. Last year it was Tony Comas who won and represented Sweden at the European finals in London, and this year the impressive line-up looked like this:

Ludde Grenmo, Linje tio
Sara Garsten, Boqueria
David Kringlund, Boqueria
Fredric Södersteen, Svartengrens
Madeleine Rapp, Tweed
Didrik Willes, Nosh and Chow
Daniel Wasowski, Stationen
Heather Yau, Pharmarium
Robbie Radovic, Nobis Hotel
Hampus Thunholm, Shibumi

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend – but I’m sure that all contestants performed very well and that it was difficult to pick a winner – but in the end it was Madeleine Rapp who earned the top spot and will compete in the European finals for the chance to win a two week internship at Employees Only – good luck!

So, why did she win? Well, make her cocktail and find out for yourself!

Auchentoshan Switch cocktail competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus

Hook & Ladder
40 ml Auchentoshan Three Wood
30 ml lemon juice
20 ml Manzanilla Sherry
20 ml pineapple juice
20 ml honey syrup
1 barspoon Fernet Branca

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and dry shake before shaking with ice. Strain into coupette.

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