Angostura competition in Stockholm

Apparently, two cocktail competitions took place earlier this week here in Stockholm – Beefeater 24 and Angostura. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend any of them, but nonetheless I’ll at least let you know who won.

Angostura competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Heather Yau. Photo by
Thommy Gyllenbielke

First out is Angostura, whose Swedish qualifying round of their Global Cocktail Challenge at Hotel Reisen here in Stockholm saw nine bartenders compete against each other, judged by skills, creativity, taste and presentation of the drinks etc – and in the end it was Heather Yau, originally from Vancouver but living in Stockholm since the beginning of 2012 and currently working as assistant bar manager at Berns Salonger, who impressed the judges the most – congratulations! I asked her for the recipes, but unfortunately she can’t share them with us just yet. Instead, she kindly described them – and they both sound really delicious, can’t wait to try them!

On the left: Stalk-Eyed Fly, under rum category. It’s a beer cocktail with Angostura 5 and Angostura bitters as base, clove and cardamom syrup, shaken up with lime juice and Angostura orange bitters, topped up with a bit of Red Stripe and finish with orange peel. It is a cocktail meant to be finished in 2 sips. The inspiration behind the name is, the stalk-eyed flies, with eyes wide open and clumsy flying in the air, remind me of drunk people. And the female flies would choose the wides stalk-eyed males to mate, but these males are the clumsiest flying, reminds me how we always have “beer-goggles” when we are drunk!

Angostura competition in Stockholm, Trader Magnus
Photo by Thommy Gyllenbielke

On the right: Nutty Professor, under free style category. It’s an old fashioned made with Knob Creek, Angostura bitters, Boudier creme de peche and roasted almond and hazelnut honey syrup, finished with fresh grated nutmeg, with a hint of peach freshness to round off the roasty nutty taste and the spiciness of Knob Creek. The name describes what the drink is, “it’s all about the nuts!”

As the winner of the Swedish qualifying round, Heather will compete in the European finals in Athens, Greece later this year – and hopefully also in the global finals in Trinidad Tobago in February next year – fingers crossed!

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